Town and Country Chiropractic was started with no staff and just the two of them working the front desk and seeing patients. They have now built a practice with a full staff, six drivers, a massage therapist, a medical doctor and three chiropractors on the premises. They are known in the community as the “Columbus Auto Accident Doctors.”

Dr. Khan and Dr. Rendek attended Logan Chiropractic College and got their doctorate there as well as their Bachelors in Human Biology. They are very well versed in dealing with people that have sustained injuries such as headaches, back and neck pain, stiffness, and many other conditions. They have concentrated their practice but not limited to working with people injured in car accidents. Their office has seen thousands and thousands of people involved in auto accidents in the last decade. Many other professionals trust and recommend the care that the doctors here provide to patients in auto accidents and other types of injuries through the reputation they have built here in Columbus.