Misalignments of the vertebra of the lower back can also cause pain in the hips, knees and even the feet. The nerves from the lower back control not your colon, kidneys, ovaries, testicles, bladder, sex organs, as well as both entire legs including your knees.

This is why sometimes people slowly begin to develop other health problems after a car accident without correcting the health problems caused by these pinched nerves.

No matter how your knee was injured the result is the same. The automobile accident has moved the bones in your knee out of place. Sometimes the trauma has damaged the nerves, muscles, ligaments, or meniscus (little cushions in the knee). Many people just want the pain to go away by any means because it is so bad. However, taking pain killers will never cause your knee joint to heel. Some pain killers actually prevent the chondrocytes that help to heal the knee joint from reproducing, and healing the joints naturally. This can make you even more you more dependent on pain killers. Some pain killers cause constipation, so the prescriber of pain medication will usually give you another medication with it to prevent that from happening. Taking any unnatural medication creates a cascade of events that could eventually compromise your long term health.

Before going this route consider safe, proven, natural chiropractic care for treatment for your knee pain following an accident. During a car accident your bones including the bones of knee, hip and entire spine, and often also your foot could have been moved from their normal position due to the accident trauma. Often ligaments have been ripped, muscles torn and now your body is trying to heal itself. Part of the heeling response is inflammation and swelling of injured joints which can be very painful. Chiropractors help your body to heal from car accidents and traumas by putting your bones back into their normal position and relieving pressure on pinched nerves.

Having any type of job that requires standing, walking, going up stairs, or lifting can cause your problem to get much worse and slow down the process of healing. Most people who are badly injured are delighted to know that their car insurance covers the lion’s share of their medical expenses. People who have to stand, walk and lift at work are even more delighted to find out that this insurance covers the days they have missed from work due to pain. Call us with your questions. Our experienced staff will take care of all of the paperwork for you.