Any type of trauma can cause damage to your soft tissues and spine. Spinal misalignments change your natural structure, which causes irritation, tension and pain to your nerves, ligaments, bones, and discs.

The low back is crucial for mobility, so when it becomes injured, it often requires many months of treatment and chiropractic therapy to return to normal. Any accident has the potential to cause misalignments of the spine, no matter how minor it is, and without medical attention, they can cause nerve damage instantaneously or over time. This often results in a negative impact on one’s strength, range of motion, reflexes, and performance. Chiropractic treatmentwill help you restore normal function to your spine. There is no need to live with constant soreness, tightness, and Back Pain.

We can diagnose the cause of your problem and provide a safe and non-surgical solution to healing your body and restoring your spinal health.