After going through a sudden trauma, having your body jolted by the impact, your muscles go into protect mode. They clamp down and tighten in the areas affected. Neck and back pain (e.g., whiplash) is by far the most common complaint, but any area of the body can be affected.

Massage helps to relax these muscles and restore them back to their original state. This includes lengthening shortened muscles to restore flexibility, releasing any trigger points that may have developed, relief from pain symptoms, headaches, nerve compression, numbness, muscle spasm, and much more.

Depending on the severityof the accident, and also on the person – because everyone responds differently – treatment can take months, sometimes years. Unfortunately, insome cases, people end up with chronic conditions that they have to get care for the rest of their lives. We treat many people who were in car accidents years ago that has left them with lingering issues.